Student Leaders

Student leaders perform many of the operational functions of PDLI. They plan and organize the capstone trip, bring speakers to campus, promote PDLI to other students and in the media, and help raise funds for the program.


Mehmed Can Olgac
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Mehmed Can Olgac is a second year international student from Turkey, studying History and Applied Mathematics at Yale University. Aside from working as an undergraduate learning assistant (ULA) on campus, he sits on the board of Turkish Students Association. Mehmed went back to the region after PDLI to study Arabic in Jordan over the summer.


Communications Director

Calista Washburn
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Calista Washburn is a sophomore at Yale studying Ethics, Politics, and Economics.  Originally from New York City, she has worked on the Amy McGrath campaign and for the New Haven Mayor's Office.  When she isn't leading Yale's first-year outdoor orientation trips in the New England wilderness, she does climate advocacy for Students for Carbon Dividends and spends her free time woodcarving.

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Jasper Boers
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Jasper Boers is a senior studying Economics and History.  Jasper splits his time between debating in the YPU, running events for the William F. Buckley Jr. Program, and organizing the amazing PDLI fellowship. He has interned with the US Small Business Administration and more recently in political risk.  At home in the DC area he enjoys cooking, gardening, and exploring the nation's historical sites.

Outreach Director

Daniel Posner
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Daniel Posner is a second-semester sophomore from New York majoring in History. He spent two summers at Seeds of Peace International Camp where he engaged in dialogue with students from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt. Daniel has worked on a Congressional campaign in Dallas during the midterm election and studied Spanish abroad. At Yale, he leads TAMID and is a member of MoneyThink and S4CD.