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The Fellowship

PDLI is a year-long commitment for Fellows and offers a life-long community. Though the annual capstone trip is certainly one of the highlights of the initiative, we put together numerous events over the course of the year to facilitate conversation amongst Fellows, alumni, and other stakeholders. The PDLI leadership works with Fellows to organize special projects, publish articles, & organize on-campus events, among a variety of other activities.

Previous Events

Each year, PDLI hosts a number of events to engage Fellows as well as the broader campus community. Past events include lecture and seminar events at both Yale and West Point, camping visits to the West Point campus, and an annual conference in New York City for Yale & West Point fellows.

Capstone Projects

PDLI fellows are expected to complete a project of their choice upon returning from the trip in June. This project can take the form of a film or documentary, long form essay, article, presentation, research project with a report, or another intellectually rigorous endeavor. Potential applicants should brainstorm project ideas to present in an interview or on their written application. Articles by past PDLI fellows have been published in a variety of newspapers, magazines, and journals.

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Dignitaries at past PDLI Conferences have included:

Palestinian Ambassador to the U.S. - Husam Zomlot

Palestinian Ambassador to the UN - Riyad Mansour

Israeli Consul General in New York - Dani Dayan

Fmr. Special Middle East Coordinator - Ambassador Dennis Ross

Fmr. US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor - Michael Posner

General Stanley McChrystal

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PDLI Olive Branch.png

Becoming a PDLI Fellow does not only mean joining an incredible community; it is also a significant commitment. Fellows are expected to:

Attend all weekly seminars and lectures organized by PDLI and complete assigned readings.

Attend the annual PDLI conference in Manhattan, as well as the other events organized over the course of the year.

Complete the requisite research prior to meeting with any guests. When we meet with key American, Israeli, and Palestinian stakeholders, it is critical that Fellows are able to engage with them effectively.

Present a finished capstone project by the end of the fellowship.

Remain open-minded to diverse perspectives, while being critical of all viewpoints they encounter—including their own.

Conduct themselves with integrity and interact with all peers with respect and kindness.

Engage in conversations with others on campus in order to broaden discourse related to the Israeli-Palestininan conflict and the US role in the Middle East.

Expectations for Fellows

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