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2019 Fellows


Hope Hack

  • Major in Orginizational Psychology

  • West Point Writing Fellow

  • Selected as a 2019 Truman Scholar


Xander Mitchell

  • History of Art Major

  • Worked in Programming and Education at the Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy

  • Quest Bridge Mentor

  • Incoming Associate at Bain and Company


Anchor Losch

  • Major in Chemical Engineering and Middle Eastern Studies

  • Completed service work in Vietnam, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, and the Galapagos Islands


Andrew Solomonodies

  • Major in Nuclear Engineering and Persian

  • Attended the Defense Nuclear Weapons School

  • Studied Persian in Tajikistan


Julian Martin

  • Major in Global Affairs, focusing on international development

  • Works as an Arabic teaching assistant

  • Volunteer with the New Haven Legal Assistance Association


Michael Huang

  • Major in Statistics and Economics with a focus on investment, political economy, and trade

  • President of Yale Urban Philanthropic Fund


Jesse Nadel

  • Major in Ethics, Politics and Economics and Global Affairs

  • Production and design editor for the Yale Daily News


Rene Olivarez

  • Major in Chemistry focusing on Chemical Biology

  • Part of the Model UN Team

  • Research in a lab that works with anti-cancer drugs


Jasper Boers

  • Major in Ethics, Politics, and Economics and History

  • Researcher for Political Science Department

  • Events Director for William F. Buckley Jr. Program


Kat Berman

  • Major in Chemistry and Political Science

  • Studies the impacts of religion on politics in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East

  • Works with the Yale refugee project


Mary Clare Cassidy

  • Major in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Cyber

  • Has conducted research in quantum circuits and technology 


Kaneen Manuel

  • Major in Environmental Science

  • Conducted research in radioactive imaging

  • Served in Gambia through a developmental NGO


Mary McCurry

  • Major in English and Arabic

  • Has researched the concept of national identity in Israel and the West Bank


Alexandra Bauman

  • Major in History with Arabic and Spanish certificates

  • City Engagement Coordinator for the Yale Dems

  • Works with ESL students in New Haven Public Schools


Robel Mulugeta

  • Major in Ethics, Politics, and Economics

  • Tutors student at New Haven public schools

  • Works with nonprofits on urban and housing issues


Amy Cheng

  • Major in Ethics, Politics, and Economics

  • Online Editor at the Yale Daily News

  • Chairs Moden United Nations Conferences for YIRA


Katherine Hu

  • Majoring in Global Affairs and History

  • Opinion editor for the Yale Daily News

  • Senator for the Yale College Council


Makayla Haussler

  • Major in Political Science

  • 2018 Truman Scholar

  • Has worked as a in legislative advocacy at planned parenthood


Daniel Berardino

  • Major in Military History and Russian

  • President of the USMA chapter of Phi Alpha Theta historical honor society


Daniela Schulman

  • Major in Global Affairs, focusing on international development

  • Works as an Arabic teaching assistant

  • Volunteer with the New Haven Legal Assistance Association


Hannah Kazis-Taylor

  • Major in History and Modern Middle East Studies

  • Has completed research projects based on field interviews in the West Bank and Arab cities of Israel

  •  Will pursue a Ph.D. in political science following a year working in Tunisia


Mehmed Olgac

  • Applied Mathematics and History Major focusing on the Middle East

  • Antonette Romanello Scholar at Yale


Lorena Ortega-Guerrero

  • Major in Latin American history and Arabic

  • Has worked with immigration legal advising no-profit firms


Lucas Ferrer

  • Major in political science with a data science certificate

  • Chief of Staff and Funds Raising Director does New American Politics PAC

  • Chief Whip of the Yale progressive party


Kelsey Frizell

  • Major in Sociology with a minor in diversity and inclusion at West Point

  • Worked with global orphan project in Haiti


Sam Humphries

  • Major in applied math with a minor in terrorism studies and computer science

  • Works on the National Security Council


Sammy Reichenthal

  • Major in Mechanical Engineering

  • Has studied Russian in Kazakhstan

  • Practiced mountaineering in the Republic of Georgia


Ruth Talbott

  • Major in Mechanical Engineering

  • Has studied the protective effects of combat boots in mounted IED explosions

  • West Point Writing Fellow


Canaan Harris

  • Major in Global Affairs

  • Focus is on military and diplomatic strategy

  • Chaired his party, the Federalists, in the Yale Political Union


Shreeya Singh

  • Major in History, focusing on Middle Eastern and African Studies

  • Researched and published articles on Islamic family law and Morocco

  • Tournament Director for the Yale Debate Association

  • Legal aide for Engender

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