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About PDLI

Our Mission

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• To develop a community on campus and beyond interested in engaging with political and social complexity, conflict mediation, and peacebuilding.


• To give students the tools to develop a nuanced understanding of peacebuilding—particularly within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—by connecting high-level strategic dialogue with realities on the ground.


• To foster civil-military relationships, understanding, and dialogue.


• To prompt students to reflect on what good leadership looks like on both an institutional and a personal level, and to empower them to practice such leadership in their own lives.


• To provide an incisive look into Israeli and Palestinian society, culture, and politics.

• To inspire students to think deeply about the United States' relationship with Israel, its role in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, and, more broadly, its role in the region.

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What We Do


The Fellowship

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​Each year, PDLI selects approximately 30 Fellows from Yale and West Point to join in a year-long exploration of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Fellows begin their journeys on campus, where they attend PDLI speaker events and conferences aimed at providing a base of knowledge about the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and leadership.


Towards the end of each academic year, Fellows participate in the program's centerpiece—a ~10-day joint trip with Yale students and West Point cadets to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Throughout the Fellowship, not only will Fellows learn about the history and culture of the region, but they will also learn to engage with the highest echelon of decision-makers in the political, business, academic, and military worlds. PDLI strives to achieve a discussion that is both respectful and truly open, which we consider necessary for confronting these complex issues.


After the conclusion of the trip, all fellows are expected to complete a post-trip capstone project applying the insights they have gained to a particular issue within the conflict. Once fellows return to campus in the fall, they take part in reflective discussions about the conflict and the insights they have gained through the fellowship, and help contribute to campus events and programming about these topics.



In addition to the fellowship, PDLI seeks to foster more nuanced dialogue on Yale’s campus by hosting public speaker events that feature a diverse array of perspectives on peacebuilding. PDLI looks for guests who can share insights into conflict resolution and building trust, and who have perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that are not always voiced in mainstream discourse. We hope that PDLI fellows and those who engage with our events outside of the fellowship go on to become leaders in these and other fields in college and after graduation.

By the Numbers


Trips to the Middle East


Fellows and counting


Different majors pursued by PDLI Fellows


Current & former Ambassadors engaging with PDLI


Current & former Heads of State engaging with PDLI


Publications running pieces by PDLI Fellows & leaders

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Even More Numbers...

• 8 Rhodes Scholars, 4 Marshall Scholars, 7 Schwarzman Scholars,

and 3 Kerry Fellows among the PDLI community

• 120+ Yalies; 50+ West Point cadets; 15 UPenn students; 10 Georgetown Students; 8 Naval Academy Midshipmen; 4 Princetonians have been selected as PDLI Fellows

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