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  The Peace & Dialogue Leadership Initiative  

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The Peace & Dialogue Leadership Initiative (PDLI) 
seeks to bridge the civil-military divide through offering top civilian & military students a unique opportunity to participate in a nuanced conversation about the US role in the Middle East, with a particular focus on Israeli-Palestinian relations, society, and culture. The centerpiece of the initiative is an annual ~10-day trip to Israel & the Palestinian territories.

PDLI Olive Branch.png
PDLI Olive Branch.png

Our Mission:

• Develop a community on campus and beyond interested in engaging with

political and social complexity, conflict mediation, and peacebuilding.


• Give students the tools to develop a nuanced understanding of peacebuilding—particularly within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict--by connecting high-level strategic dialogue with realities on the ground.


• Foster civil-military relationships, understanding, and dialogue.


• Prompt students to reflect on what good leadership looks like on both an institutional and a personal level, and to empower them to practice such leadership in their own lives.


• Provide an incisive look into Israeli and Palestinian society, culture, and politics.


• Inspire students to think deeply about the United States' relationship with Israel, its role in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, and, more broadly, its role in the region.

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