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The Fellowship

PDLI is a year-long commitment for Fellows and offers a life-long community. Though the annual capstone trip is certainly one of the highlights of the initiative, we also pull together countless events over the course of the year to facilitate conversation amongst Fellows, alumni, and other stakeholders. The PDLI leadership works with Fellows to organize special projects, publish articles, & organize on-campus events, among a variety of other activities.

Previous Events

Each year, we host a number of events to engage Fellows, as well as the wider community. Past events have included:

  • Annual conferences at Yale & West Point and in Manhattan with dignitaries including:

    • Palestinian Ambassador to the U.S. - Husam Zomlot 

    • Palestinian Ambassador to the UN - Riyad Mansour

    • Israeli Consul General in New York - Dani Dayan

    • Fmr. Special Middle East Coordinator Ambassador Dennis Ross

    • Fmr. US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor - Michael Posner

    • General Stanley McChrystal

    • Many Others! 

  • West Point Conference with Dr. Eyal Sela who is known for treating Syrian Refugees in Northern Israel

  • Negotiation seminar at Yale with Dr. David Makovsky & Ghaith Al-Omari

  • Camping reunions on West Point's grounds

  • Regular West Point class visits to Yale and vice versa

  • Many, many more! 


Fellow Projects

PDLI sophomores.jpg

PDLI fellows are expected to complete a project of their choice upon returning from the trip in the spring. This project can take the form of a film or documentary, long form essay, article, presentation, research project with a report, or another intellectually rigorous endeavor. Potential applicants should brainstorm project ideas to present in an interview or on their written application. Read more about past PDLI fellow projects and articles published in various magazines, newspapers, and journals here.

Becoming a Fellow

Becoming a PDLI Fellow not only means joining an incredible community, but it is also a significant commitment. Expectations of students include:​

  • Attending all classes organized by PDLI & reading all materials in the syllabus

  • Attending the annual conferences in Manhattan and at West Point, as well as the other events organized over the course of the year

  • Completing a special project by the end of the academic year

  • Completing the requisite research prior to meeting with any special guests. If we have an event with a key American, Israeli, or Palestinian stakeholder (such as a Head of State), it is critical that Fellows are able to engage with them effectively

  • Engaging with others on the campus to broaden the conversation regarding the US role in the Middle East

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