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2018 Fellows

  • First ever African-American female First Captain of the Corps of Cadets

  • Rhodes Scholar, studying Women’s Studies and Social Intervention

  • Selected for TeenVogue’s “21 Under 21” award

  • Commissioned as an Engineer Officer

Simone Askew

  • President, Yale College Republicans

  • Psychology major, Neuroscience focus

  • Yale School of Medicine Researcher; ThinkSwiss Research Scholar at the University of Geneva Pediatric Hospital

Ben Zollinger

  • 1st Regiment, Cadet Command Sergeant Major

  • Interned at a hedge fund and served as President, West Point Investment Club

  • Currently serving as an Infantry Officer

Jackson Luff

  • Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University

  • Currently serving as a Military Intelligence Officer

  • International Relations major/Counterterrorism minor; Division I volleyball player

  • Conducted research and briefed policy for the Secretary of Defense

Megan Bryn

  • Former counterterrorism soldier in the Republic of Korea Army

  • Senior roles in the Yale Political Union and Yale College Council

  • Interned at UBS and PH & Company, a Korean hedge fund

Nathan Kwon

  • Columnist, Yale Daily News

  • Studied public health in Uganda and economic development at the EU

  • Interned for Rep. Joaquin Castro

Liana Wang

  • Former intern in the LA Mayor’s office, writer for The Politic

  • Studied Arabic in Jordan and researched the development of Kurdistan

  • Ethics, Politics, and Economics/Modern Middle East Studies major

Ella Fanger

  • Studied grand strategy in Taiwan and China with West Point

  • International Relations major

  • Currently serving as an Artillery Officer

Christine Sidhu

  • Chief of Staff, Student Conference on U.S. Affairs

  • Systems Engineer major

  • Member, Division I West Point Swimming and Diving team

Kathryn Seyer

  • Two years in Japan as a service missionary

  • Economics major, Cyber Security minor

  • Worked at the Army Research Lab, studying cyber operations

Kevin Colton

  • Founder, Students of the Diaspora, the organization for first-generation African undergraduates

  • Captain, Yale Muay Thai Kickboxing Team

  • Political Science and History major, with a focus on humanitarian crises

Mbella Beseka

  • Co-chair of IvyQ, an intercollegiate conference for LGBTQ undergrads

  • Studies issues of statelessness in Latin America as a Political Science and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major

  • On the board of the Yale Women’s Center

Nicole Chavez

  • Co-director, Elmseed Consulting Services, board member of the Urban Philanthropic Fund

  • Economics & Mathematics/Global Affairs major

  • Former member, Turkish National Debate Team

Ramiz Colak

R Wang.png
  • Former Speaker, Yale Political Union and Political Action Coordinator, Yale Women’s Center

  • Worked for a variety of political activism groups

  • Philosophy/Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major

Rita Wang

  • Founder of the Urban Philanthropic Fund, a 501c3 that bridges investment education with community engagement

  • Chairman, The Politic and Executive Board Member, Yale Student Investment Group

  • Interned at JP Morgan and Bridgewater Associates

Ryan Taggarse

  • Completed Cadet Leadership Development Training in Africa

  • Studying natural resource management as an Environmental Science major

  • Planning on commissioning as an Aviation Officer

William Merrill

  • Teach for America Fellow

  • Political Science major/Education Studies Scholar, interested in the status of Latin American exiles

  • Former Chairwoman of The Politic

Ana Barros

  • Former President, Yale College Council, the Yale student government

  • Pre-med, with a focus on public health and developmental economics

  • Successfully negotiated with the University on critical issues like sexual assault and financial aid policy

Matt Guido

  • President, Yale College Democrats

  • Former Chairman, High School Democrats of America

  • History major, Human Rights focus

Jordan Cozby

Shapiro Thompson.png
  • Studies migration as a member of the law school’s Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights

  • Studied Arabic in Jordan and Oman

  • President, Yale Refugee Project

Rosa Shapiro-Thompson

  • Studied French and Political Science at the Catholic University of Lille

  • Training Officer for Cadet Basic Training and member of the Sprint Football Team

  • Commissioned as an Infantry Officer and plans to transition to Military Intelligence in four years

Zachary Trainor

A Wang.png
  • Founded No Lost Generation, an organization that helps refugees gain education in the U.S.

  • Global Affairs/Statistics & Data Science major

  • Legislative Captain for Yale College Democrats

Alissa Wang

  • Member, Yale Political Union Conservative Party and board member, William F. Buckley, Jr. Program

  • Worked on a number of state and local campaigns in Connecticut

  • Completed Yale’s Directed Studies program

Weaver Lilley

  • Studied Arabic in Jordan and Morocco with the State Department

  • Board member, Students of Salaam, an organization that teaches English to Arab refugees

  • Studying Global Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies

Nick Wade

  • West Point PDLI Student Director 

  • Studying Developmental Economics

  • Researched and worked in The Gambia and Costa Rica

Jack Rawlins

  • Editor-in-Chief, The Politic

  • YLS Liman Fellow at the Bronx Defenders

  • Producer of documentary, 120 YEARS

Keerthana Annamaneni

  • Founder of QuietBreeze, an anti-noise-pollution startup

  • Writer for the Yale Globalist and member of the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Club

  • Fluent in four languages

Manuel Schneider

  • Member the Executive Board of Dwight Hall Center for Public Service and Social Justice

  • Global Health Scholar/Pre-med student

  • Conducted global health research in Ecuador and Peru

Nafeesa Abuwala

  • President, Yale Friends of Israel

  • Works for a neuroimaging lab

  • Computer Science/Mathematics major

Noah Amsel

  • Ethics, Politics and Economics Major

  • Executive Director, Yale International Relations Association and Inaugural Kerry Fellow

  • Currently a member of the Environmental Group at Goldman Sachs

Riddhima Yadav

  • Executive Officer of Cadets Against Sexual Harassment and Assault Program

  • Delivered a TedTalk on the topic of “Contagious Cancer”

  • Studied intersectional examinations of gender as an English major

Robert Moser

  • Executive Board member, Yale Student Investment Group

  • Mathematics and Philosophy major

  • Employed now at McKinsey in San Francisco

Trey Leigh

  • Co-founder of Students for Carbon Dividends

  • Violist in the Yale Symphony Orchestra

  • Studies urban innovation as an Ethics, Politics, and Economics major

George Gemalas

  • Studied Arabic in Morocco and Jordan

  • Researches phosphate metabolism in the Bergwitz Lab

  • Pre-med student studying Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Shumayl Syed

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